Why is KIN needed?

The total foreign-born population in Metro Knoxville is about 27,800 (40% Latin American; 22% Asian; 18% European, which includes Middle Easterners). Among the foreign-born, about 2,900 children and youth are in Knoxville public schools and over 2,200 are enrolled in universities. [Source for statistics: American Community Survey 3 Year Estimate, 2009-2011]

Knoxville: City of Refuge

Knoxville has been a refugee resettlement city for the United Nations since 1982. Refugees often arrive with very little except memories of trauma, and a hunger for freedom and opportunity. 

Knoxville: Hub of Opportunity

The Knoxville area is a hub of attraction for individuals from other nations who are drawn by its universities, Oak Ridge employment opportunities, and accessibility to migrant labor. 

Knoxville: City of Extremes

The majority of adult internationals are married, well-educated and employed, but only about half are fluent in English. Many feel socially isolated and lonely. While two out of five internationals are professionals, one out of five lives in poverty. 

Knoxville: City of Hope

What every international brings here is hope for a better life. 
This context presents us with a rich opportunity for life-changing, world-impacting ministry to the Glory of God.