Let's Buy a Home!

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For two years, O and H dreamed of owning a home. They talked about it while they were engaged and began saving as soon as they married. Even a move to the US and the expenses of a baby didn’t thwart their plan. So, when their apartment lease was nearly up in 2019, they began searching for suitable property.

This young couple moved to Knoxville from the Middle East, but their priorities are the same as most native-born Americans: a quiet and safe neighborhood with good schools and not too far from the supermarket or their workplaces. Both work in architecture-related fields, so their home would have to satisfy their design standards as well.

It didn’t take O and H long to learn that the home-buying process in the US is completely different from their home country! The proposal, the real estate companies, and the document signing are all done differently there. Like anyone else, O and H found their biggest challenge was submitting a competitive proposal in Knoxville’s “hot” housing market. But within two months, they found a pleasing home in which to raise their growing family.

For about seven months now, O and H have enjoyed planting things in their backyard and inviting friends over for parties. They also enjoy not having noisy neighbors on the other side of a wall or ceiling! Like everyone else, they relax in the confidence that they are now investing in their future and their children.

What’s the most difficult part of home ownership for O and H? You can probably guess. H says, “The maintenance! Me and my husband have learned every detail of plumbing, mowing, electrical fixtures, and machine connections. We have become very good in fixing things.”

We hear you, H! We feel the same way.


June is #NationalHomeOwnershipMonth. Many internationals in Knoxville, like O and H, desire to own their own home as much as any native-born Knoxvillian. If you would like to work with a family like this—who wants metro-Knoxville to be their permanent home—contact us today!

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